Friday, February 19, 2010

excerpt and sketch from: t-rex in the sea

...It was kind of a hollow victory, because I failed at what I was actually trying to do, which was cheer up the girl taking my money and handing me baseballs. She didn't exactly look sad, just blank, like the part of her brain controlling emotions had short-circuited. I think I went through around forty bucks worth of smiling and one-sided conversation and failed attempts to make her laugh; she just sat there staring at me with empty, plastic-looking eyes, nodding occasionally. At a certain point, she just assumed I was trying to get her number, and all hope was lost. I told her she was beautiful, and she handed me one of the t-rex hats hanging from the ceiling. She told me the game was rigged and I should stop trying, then she told me to go away...

This is part of an illustrated story I'm working on. The sketch and text are both still rough, but here's some progress on what will, hopefully, eventually, turn into the final illustration:

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