Tuesday, July 14, 2009

landscape progress

for the past month or so i've worked on two sites. one is a federal job on the marine base in kaneohe , the other is a residential job in kapolei. i've taken a few pictures of our progress so far, i'm only posting the kapolei pics today.. more to come:

week 1

week 3
the last couple days we've mostly been fabricating stone for the walkways and waterfall. the pile of rocks on the right will be the waterfall/koi pond, the pile of junk in the middle is what we use to make the stepping stones.

week 1

week 3
here you can see the stones we make in three stages:
1. (bottom left) junk brick/stone/anything we can find.
2. (bottom right) mixture of gravel and cement is added
3.(middle, around the edge of the pond) a final layer of cement is added, pressed with a textured skin, and powdered with dye.
(the rocks inside the pond are real)

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